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Cybersecurity: Getting even better together

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Subsidiaries of SK Square and Deutsche Telekom want to cooperate more closely on digital security issues in the future. They have signed a Letter of Intent.

SK shieldus and Deutsche Telekom Security will share insights in the future

SK shieldus and Deutsche Telekom Security will share insights in the future © Deutsche Telekom AG

"This is a win-win situation for both groups," says Telekom's Group Security Officer Thomas Tschersich. "As fully integrated telecommunications companies, we are similarly positioned and face comparable threat scenarios. However, we are looking at different evolutionary stages of these threats on different continents. If we bundle our insights, we get a more complete picture and are even better prepared."

The example of “Smishing”. Since the end of 2020, this phenomenon has also been observed in Europe, but in Asia, the threat actors had already been active since 2016. There, the malicious short messages were mainly aimed at spying on victims with a banking Trojan. This is mainly due to a different usage behavior of the users. For Western Europe, the criminals have changed their tactics and therefore the source code. This new evolutionary stage could just as easily now be applied in South Korea. Thus, the Asian findings help to be able to develop countermeasures more quickly. The European findings, on the other hand, make it possible to immediately detect the perfected new variants as well. 

SK shieldus and Deutsche Telekom Security will therefore compare their respective situation reports in the future and exploit further synergies. The cooperation in the field of digital security shows a new facet of the strategic partnership between the two companies. This was announced by the leading European telecommunications provider and the market leader from South Korea at the Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona and has been steadily expanded since then.

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