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Designing the Future: Join TEDx on Dec 13!

Sustainability and design - how do they go together? How can design improve the world? A TEDx talk at Telekom on December 13 will bring together personalities and their ideas. Be inspired! Join the event via live stream.


"Crises and societal change - I'm convinced that new ideas and perspectives can work together to provide us with valuable guidelines for the future," says Monica Dalla Riva, VP of Design and Customer Experience at Deutsche Telekom. "And we designers are key into realizing possible solutions. For this, we need a lively exchange." 

Deutsche Telekom is hosting the TEDx Talk on December 13 from 12 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Telekom Design Gallery. 

Join the Event here, via live stream.

The event brings together personalities whose unconventional design ideas are intended to lead to sustainability - whether through networking, business ideas, products, fashion or art. 

On stage alongside Monica Dalla Riva: 

  • TV presenter and networking expert Janine Steeger. 
  • Founder and business angel Fridtjof Detzner.
  • Artist and designer Anne Duk Hee Jordan.
  • Fashion designer and sustainability ambassador Magdalena Schaffrin.
  • Process engineer and start-up founder Anne Lamp (not in the picture). 
  • Artistic Program: Fiona & The Kibbelings 

More info in English here.  

The TEDx team promises good stories about unconventional, creative ideas " whose unconventional design ideas and success stories are driving change toward sustainability." After all, the ability to think critically and visualize innovative and better solutions to problems is a fundamental definition of design, they say. Society will need design skills more than ever. "I can only underline that," says Monica Dalla Riva. "And I cordially invite everyone to think outside the box together." 

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