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Klaus vom Hofe

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Klaus vom Hofe, Corporate Blogger. Born 1967. Writing since he was given a Privileg typewriter as a gift in 1977. Other important stops on his journey before joining Deutsche Telekom in 2006: did the civilian service alternative to military service, dropped out of training as a physical therapist, successfully obtained a degree in Slavic and Journalism Studies, and amassed experience in internships, traineeships, agencies and freelancing – working on topics ranging from logistics and security, through drinks packaging, to mobile communications. A background as colorful as Deutsche Telekom, with one Leitmotif running through it: stories with and about people.

Articles by Klaus vom Hofe

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Why Telekom jams its routers in the steel box


Why Telekom jams its routers in the steel box

Sophie Ingram and her team are responsible for the quality of future router software. The 27-year-old joined the Group in 2022 because Deutsche Telekom is now taking software development for the devices into its own hands. In the interview, Sophie describes...

Laura Kuper , Programm „Femtec“


Green mobile radio: students give recommendations

20 Femtec scholarship holders have been tinkering with a concept for sustainable mobile base stations. In the Interview: Laura Kuper, who was involved. Our photo show shows the highlights of the final presentation.

 Opened router


Easy and simple: RDK-B

Behind the scenes, Deutsche Telekom is turning its router development around for its customers. We explain what the abbreviation RDK-B has to do with it.

MWC booth


Preview: The Deutsche Telekom booth at Mobile World Congress

This is what the Deutsche Telekom booth at the MWC will look like.

Image MWC 2023


Telekom stage program in the live stream

Google, Samsung, Orange, and many more: The global telecommunications and IT industry meets at MWC Barcelona.