Deutsche Telekom brings customers closer to Dropbox

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In line with its partnering strategy, Deutsche Telekom will preload the Dropbox app on its Android devices starting in October. DT customers in 12 markets across Europe will now have even easier access to the market leader in online data storage.

Android devices available at the company’s shops in Albania, Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania and Slovakia will feature the Dropbox app setup in the phone’s startup wizard, giving customers a true out-of-the-box experience. Customers using an iPhone or Android devices purchased elsewhere will also be given easier access to Dropbox.

See and share “We’re dedicated to giving our customers the best-possible user experience so they can enjoy life and work on-the-go,” said Marc Sommer, Senior Vice President of Business Development at DT. “That’s why Dropbox, an industry-leading service, was an obvious addition to the services we offer. Dropbox’s intuitive interface and global popularity make it easy for everyone to see, share, and work on the photos, videos, and documents that matter to them.”

A perfect fit A central part of the Deutsche Telekom strategy is the “Win with partners” block. With this, DT aims to make it even easier for partner companies to work together with the Group. The outcome is then a win-win situation whereby the partner companies have access to the Deutsche Telekom customer base, and Deutsche Telekom, benefits from the partner companies’ competitive advantage in their respective market sectors. This way, DT can bring innovations to market more quickly than would have been possible before.