Deutsche Telekom ends its software development activities in Russia

Since the beginning of the Russian war of aggression on Ukraine, Deutsche Telekom has been working on ending its development activities in Russia - as announced at our annual press conference on February 24th. 


Deutsche Telekom does not operate any networks in Russia. We have no business relationships with companies in Russia. However, we have a team of software developers, mainly in St. Petersburg, who provide services to customers outside Russia.

In recent weeks, we have given these employees the opportunity to work outside Russia. Many employees have taken that opportunity and have left the country. 

We have also ensured that we maintain services for our international customers as best we can without the Russia site. 

Based on the above we are closing our activities in Russia.

Support for Ukraine

Support for Ukraine

Deutsche Telekom is appalled by the Russian incursion into Ukraine. Our solidarity is with the people in Ukraine. This is how we support.