Digitalization of energy networks

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Most people associate the expression “change in energy policy” with the move away from nuclear energy and the installation of new power lines to transport regenerative energy from wind parks and solar power stations to areas with little wind or sun.

Light bulbs

Die optimale Integration dezentraler erneuerbarer Energien in die Stromversorgung stellt ganz neue Anforderungen an Kommunikationsnetze.

​​​​​​​Many people also think of energy-saving efforts and solar panels on the roof. Very few people though are aware of the information and communications technology aspects of what is possibly Germany's biggest-ever IT project.

Production and demand in unison

The task of integrating decentralized renewable energy sources into power supply systems is making totally new demands on communications networks, mass data processing, data security and data protection. The change in energy policy means that energy companies will have to invest billions in plants and systems that bring wind and solar power as well as conventional electricity generation into line with fluctuating energy consumption.

Safe power supplies

When combined with new planning approaches, information and communications technology (ICT) can make a significant contribution to managing increasing complexities in the supply of power in a safe and stable way. One of the crucial components of digitalization is the establishment and secure operation of new infrastructures for metering, managing and monitoring network elements, generating plants, energy storage units and consumption systems.

Germany's most important IT project

Flexible markets for electricity and the potential for savings that will combine to bring down the costs of network expansion and operation can only come about once we have succeeded in creating a secure, stable and intelligent network of the key elements involved in the supply of power. This is why the sector is facing nothing less than Germany's biggest IT project.