Digitization. Simply. Make it happen.

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Deutsche Telekom presents its latest innovations under this motto from March 14 to 18 at CeBIT in Hanover. In 2016 once again, the spotlight is on "d!conomy," the digital transformation of the economy and society.

Deutsche Telekom's focus is on specific solution modules for digitization in small, medium-sized and large enterprises. It will not only identify the opportunities and possibilities created by digitization, but also demonstrate realistic cases of how digitization works in certain industries.

Experiences of the digital transformation

The advance of digitization is making a mark in all industries, from retail to transportation to automotive. Deutsche Telekom is responding to the challenges this brings and with TRANSFORUM will be giving center stage to practical examples of the digitization at the world's largest IT congress. Distinguished thinkers and leaders will give talks on their experiences of the digital revolution from the Telekom stand's main stage.

The leading minds of digitization

Alongside premiering new technologies in Hanover, Deutsche Telekom is also planning a program of on-stage symposia with the leading minds of digitization from extremely diverse industries. This new format – TRANSFORUM – offers visitors, in particular business customers, the media, and politicians, a daily choice of high-profile interviews, keynotes, and panel discussions.

Fresh ideas from Europe's industry leaders

Companies are increasingly gaining the courage to question familiar business models, chart new and disruptive courses, and put digital technologies at the core of their capabilities. Where role models and trailblazers are at work, copycats are never far behind. Deutsche Telekom's exhibit therefore aims to provide illustrative examples from digital life that will open up new ideas and spur creativity.

Radical new business models

These disruptive technologies are completely redefining the game and changing established markets from the foundation up. Companies thus need to pay close attention to the emergence of new technologies long before they reach market maturity, and strategically evaluate their significance. A company that recognizes disruptive technologies at an early stage is a company with a competitive advantage. The networked power of digital innovation is enabling radical new business models and shaking up a great deal of markets.

Specific solutions

Deutsche Telekom's stand in Hanover will also feature the following:

  • SMEs are also heading toward digitization and Deutsche Telekom is showcasing solutions under the maxim "Entrepreneurs first".
  • The retail market is changing. Traditional Internet retailers are closing the gap to customers by opening up offline branches, while an increasing number of bricks-and-mortar retailers have begun offering their product range online.
  • The German public transport system carries more than 10 billion passengers a year. And the number of passengers is steadily rising. The existing road and transportation networks will have to transport a significantly greater number of people in future.
  • Car buyers have already gone digital, gathering information online and assembling their dream car with the help of the online configurator before even entering the dealership showroom.
  • Cloud solutions 'made in Germany' are in demand with strict security and privacy standards.

Get the full lowdown

See the high-profile discussions from March 14 to 18 at CeBIT 2016 for yourself and get the full lowdown on advancements in the cloud, connectivity, digitalized business, and security fields: Digitization. Simply. Make it happen.

We look forward to seeing you in Hanover: hall 4, stand C38.