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Digitize more intelligently

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At the Hannover Messe (HM19) Telekom showed how companies digitize intelligently. "Let’s Power Higher Performance" is the motto under which Telekom makes company planning, production and logistics more efficient. 

Telekom’s booth at Hannover Messe.

Power for higher Performance: DT at the Hannover Messe. 

Around 20,000 visitors from every conceivable industry came to the Telekom stand at the world's largest industrial trade fair. "Our goal is for companies to use the advantages of digitization for their day-to-day business," explains T-Systems CEO Adel Al-Saleh. "Our customers are no longer discussing the Internet of Things - they are just introducing it. By creating new digital solutions in the IoT, we are increasing the efficiency of the industry".

The trade fair planners had developed a concept that presented customers with solutions for the crucial phases of value creation: planning, production and logistics. A particularly popular example of "industrial intelligence" was the digital label for tracking goods. It can store around 1,000 documents. The display also includes a GPS receiver and various sensors. The highlight: Based on the geographical data, the device displays various documents. If the freight travels through several countries, the smart display can display the documents in the local language. 

The possibilities offered by the new 5G mobile communications standard also aroused great interest among companies. Telekom presented this using the example of the Osram campus network, which has just gone live. Campus networks are a combination of private and public mobile communications networks, for example for a factory site. This allows several thousand devices to be controlled in real time. At Osram, this is still done using the LTE mobile communications standard, but soon with 5G. "And in the end, island solutions won't help companies," emphasized Adel Al-Saleh. "Intelligent industrial solutions are always holistic solutions.“ 

Deutsche Telekom at Hannover Messe 2019.

Hannover Messe

Deutsche Telekom at Hannover Messe 2019.