Nicole Schmidt


Supporting research: Deutsche Telekom endows a chair in data research at TU Wien

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T-Labs, Deutsche Telekom’s central research and development arm, has endowed a chair at TU Wien, the Technical University of Vienna, Austria. Over the next five years, Prof. Allan Hanbury will carry out research there into the gigantic data volumes being generated by digitization.

Big Data

A chair is to be endowed at TU Wien’s Faculty of Informatics as part of a research alliance between the university, Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile Austria. Over the next five years, Prof. Allan Hanbury will add to the research expertise already in place there for information and communication technology as well as computational science and engineering. He will focus on basic and applied research into data analytics and intelligent interaction. Born in South Africa, Prof. Hanbury is a citizen of both South Africa and the Republic of Ireland, and is a well-known figure in Austrian and international academia. By combining the teaching of statistics and informatics, he will provide future data scientists with the optimal tools for the digital transformation.

T-Labs has entered into this partnership as part of its EU Labs program, the goal of which is to expand international collaboration and strengthen T-Labs’ network of experts. That entails placing greater emphasis on partnerships with European universities in addition to the unit’s ongoing activities at its locations in Berlin, Silicon Valley and Israel. The first research project of this type was launched back in 2016 with a new chair in data science and engineering at Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) in Budapest, Hungary. Partnerships with further European universities are planned.