DT Group achieves record-breaking data speeds of 1.2 Gbps

Joint demo with Nokia showcases the bridge to 5G with LTE-Advanced Pro.

Deutsche Telekom Group has last week further evidenced its technology leadership by achieving mobile Internet speeds of up to 1.2 Gbps during an LTE-Advanced Pro demo in Poland’s capital Warsaw. T-Mobile Polska, together with Nokia’s R&D Center in Wrocław, showcased this incredible result for the very first time in Poland by aggregating four carriers on typical capacity bands commonly used in Europe -- 1800MHz, 2100MHz and 2.6GHz – together with 4x4MIMO technology, using the latest generation of Nokia’s base stations.

The solution and the subsequent record result of 1.2 Gbps in LTE Advanced Pro is the next step on the road to 5G. It has been jointly developed by both companies and builds on earlier innovative projects focused mainly on developing software and applications for 3G, LTE and LTE-A mobile networks, and aimed at creating new technological possibilities for network operators and their clients. An excellent partner for DT Group’s ambitious technology leadership goals, Nokia’s R&D center in Warsaw employs more than 2,700 engineers and is one of Nokia’s key global development hubs.

Ready for future customer demand

The Polish demonstration of LTE-Advanced Pro is a giant step forward in preparing for future customer demand. It builds a bridge to 5G and already today anticipates the greater network efficiency needed to meet the rapidly growing expectations of end users. It also establishes the basis for the extensive future requirements of new mobile services, like 4K high definition video, virtual reality or the new generation of mobile gaming.

"We already demonstrated our innovative strength in mobile networks in 2010 with Germany's first commercial 4G LTE radio tower in the town of Kyritz an der Knatter. Today, we are instrumental in driving the development of 5G through our involvement in NGMN. Deutsche Telekom is, of course, not missing out the step in between. In Poland, we've now been able to show what's possible on the basis of LTE technology and the direction development may take," says Bruno Jacobfeuerborn, Chief Technology Officer at Deutsche Telekom.