DT leads in IoT and Industry 4.0

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Deutsche Telekom is right up at the front in the race to digitize industry and network devices and objects. The latest Experton Benchmark study has confirmed the company's strong position by evaluating it as a "leader" in six categories within the fields of the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0.

Even now the networking and automation of devices, machines and products are allowing enterprises in the industrial sector and elsewhere to develop new business models. The Experton Group considers Deutsche Telekom and its corporate customer subsidiary T-Systems as a leading provider of connected things (IoT) and in Industry 4.0.

Strong market position

In its recently published "Industry 4.0/IoT Vendor Benchmark 2017" the market researcher classifies DT as "leader" in all six categories in which it was assessed. This evaluation attests that the ICT provider both has a highly attractive range of products and service offerings and enjoys a strong market position. "Through the Group's structures, it can offer an exceptionally comprehensive range of offerings from a single source," say the market analysts. Experton's evaluation is the result of a study of almost 60 German providers in the IoT and Industry 4.0 fields using a range of surveys combined with analyses of their respective portfolios.

The multi-IoT service platform described as "visionary"

In the "IoT Platforms" category, Deutsche Telekom combines different IoT platforms by well-known providers into its recently launched cross-industry multi-IoT platform. Businesses are seeking an easy way of getting into the Internet of Things and are unwilling to deal with the complexities of combining a number of specialized platforms from different suppliers. The analysts write that "with the multi-IoT platform, DT is pursuing a powerful vision. Depending on what it wants to achieve, the customer can access a number of different IoT platforms – locally and from a single source."

Intelligent linking and analysis

In the categories of IoT integration platforms from the cloud (iPaaS) and industrial big data analytics too, Experton expressed satisfaction with the offerings and competencies of Deutsche Telekom. The intelligent linking and analysis of large data volumes is an important driver of the IoT phenomenon. It provides the foundation for innovative data-based business models, delivering decisive insights for the optimization of business processes and for the development of new products and services.

IoT starter packages: secure and easy access

Only six of the providers reviewed offer starter packs to give customers a secure and easy access to IoT. Deutsche Telekom is one of the two leaders in that group, and has gained kudos through its status as a single-source, end-to-end provider of IT and telecommunication services. The offering for large and medium-sized enterprises evaluated by the analysts consists of a gateway, sensors, an SIM card and access to the "Cloud of Things", allowing businesses to implement their own IoT applications quickly.

Designed for mobile use

According to Experton, the package exhibits one unique feature in particular: "The Cloud of Things Starter Kit offered by Deutsche Telekom, thanks to its connection with the mobile network, is the only IoT starter package especially designed for mobile use." In addition, as an international digitization specialist, Deutsche Telekom also offers IoT packages for such special use cases as remote monitoring of machinery.

High level of customer satisfaction

The Bonn-based Group's consultancy and integration services in the areas of "IoT logistics" and "IoT connected cars" also earned it praise. The analysts underlined the positive customer references that the company has received – an indication of a high level of customer satisfaction – along with its multi-layered portfolio. In the field of connected car too, the marketing experts noted Deutsche Telekom's close working relationship with the three big German car manufacturers and their suppliers.