Earth Day 2023: together for a sustainable future

This week, our hearts are beating even greener than usual. Because Saturday is Earth Day. An annual event that puts environmental protection and sustainability in the world's focus. In anticipation of this special day, we are raising awareness on our internal as well as external channels about the importance of sustainable practices at all levels. From daily life to business operations. Today and every day. For a better future.

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Earth Day 2023 – Tomorrow starts Today.Every Day. © DTAG


Ecological and social responsibility have been essential to our corporate actions for more than two decades. They are an integral part of our corporate management. We consistently align our core business processes with sustainability. Climate neutrality is our goal. We aim to become climate neutral (net zero) throughout the entire value chain. What does net zero mean? That net CO2 emissions are reduced to zero. In concrete terms, this means that no more greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere than can be removed from it through natural ecosystems or technical solutions. We want to achieve this for our own emissions as early as 2025. By 2040, we aim to have achieved this across the entire value chain. In other words, to leave no CO2 footprint at all. This also includes emissions generated during the manufacture and use of our products. Accordingly, we use campaign days such as Earth Day as an opportunity to focus on sustainability and promote environmental awareness.

Earth Day is an annual global event held on April 22. It is dedicated to environmental protection and sustainability. Originally launched in 1970, the day of action has evolved into a worldwide movement. It calls on people to actively work for the preservation of our planet. However, the significance of Earth Day extends far beyond a single day. It is a call to action. And a chance to take responsibility for our planet and secure our future. Because tomorrow starts today. Every day.


FC Bayern München campaign

FC Bayern München is not only one of Germany's most successful soccer clubs, but is now also actively involved in environmental protection. In cooperation with the club, Telekom is launching a cell phone collection campaign at three home games taking place on April 30, May 13 and May 20. Fans and visitors can hand in their old cell phones in collection boxes. Please note: Only cell phones with a battery that is not visibly damaged may be handed in. No liquid may leak out or the battery may have exploded. The collection boxes are distributed throughout and around the Allianz Arena. An extra Telekom stand is located on the Esplanade. Telekom provides these collection boxes free of charge and also pays the shipping costs. For every device donated, 50 cents goes to the Hellabrunn Zoo in Munich. As a cooperation partner of Telekom, the zoo has been collecting unused cell phones for many years. The first collection will take place on April 30, 2023, at the home game against Hertha BSC.


Special events in selected Telekom Shops

Each year, Earth Day is aligned with a specific focus and motto. In 2023, this motto is "Live greener. Live in harmony with nature." Inspired by this leitmotif, we have come up with various events to make this concept more tangible. For example, starting on April 22, a variety of workshops will be held for two weeks in selected Deutsche Telekom Shops. For example, how to create a bottle garden at home or make your own sustainable cosmetics. There will be Fairphone workshops and tips on urban gardening. There will also be a cell phone repair station and products from local, sustainable startups.

Sustainable Net Stories

Our regular video series Netzgeschichten covers different aspects of environmental protection. So, if you like to get valuable information via moving images, Netzgeschichten is the right place for you. Click here to get to the YouTube Channel and find out more about smart recycling of old clothes, sustainable products, green electricity for mobile communications, sustainable water management and much more.


Sustainability magazine on MagentaTV

Just in time for Earth Day, the new episode of the sustainability magazine "Today we save the world! A little bit" airs on April 22. The topic of this episode is energy consumption in communications and information technology. Inspired by the clear goal of increasing energy efficiency at Deutsche Telekom. Presenter Vanessa de Lacaze and reporter Tobias Budde investigate how we can reduce the greenhouse gases generated by digital waste as much as possible. What can we as individuals pay attention to, for example, when writing e-mails or watching TV? What actually happens to our wireless networks at night when not much data is being consumed? How can we make transmission towers renewable? Find out more here and on April 22 at 10 p.m. on #dabeiTV. Missed the show? No problem. It's available as video on demand on MagentaTV and from April 24 on YouTube.


T-Systems sees green

For one week, everything at T-Systems also revolves around sustainability. From expert blogs to self-tests, the editorial team on Deutsche Telekom's intranet is highlighting how green T-Systems is acting and how employees can get involved. The aim is to make the complex topic more tangible and to engage in an exchange about which ideas have a chance of success. You can read one of these blog posts here. And on T-Systems' external channels, too, the focus during this time is on solutions for digital and sustainable transformation. And best of all, employees can get involved to help make the future even greener. For every shared contribution to the topic of sustainability, using #TSI-Earthweek as a marker, T-Systems will protect one square meter of German forest at the Loreley or the Oberbergische Kreis for the next 30 years.