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Heute retten wir die Welt! Ein bisschen.: New sustainability magazine on MagentaTV

  • Initially seven episodes, starting on February 7 at 8:15 p.m. on #dabeiTV
  • TV faces Vanessa de Lacaze and Tim Niedernolte alternate as hosts
  • Content creator Tobias Budde and Sarah Mangione as reporter and reporter on the road 
Presenters of the magazin

How each of us can become a world saver is the subject of the new infotainment magazine on MagentaTV. © DTAG

„Heute retten wir die Welt! Ein bisschen.“ In English: "Today we save the world! A little bit." How each of us can become a world saver is the subject of the new infotainment magazine on MagentaTV. In an initial seven episodes monthly on MagentaTV, the magazine shows how environmental and climate protection can make a big difference in small ways. But social participation as an important element of sustainability also has its place. 

The makers of the new TV format want to inspire and activate in a cheeky, fresh, but always factual way. In doing so, they set themselves apart from programs that primarily describe problems. "Heute retten wir die Welt! Ein bisschen.“ is about solving problems. The magazine uses practical examples to show how everyone can do their part and invites people to join in. New inventions and innovative projects also have their place. Because they, too, help to save the climate and the environment.

Sustainable topics explained in a tangible way

Circular economy is the topic of the first episode on February 7, 2023, making the abstract topic concrete and tangible: 200 million cell phones lie unused in German drawers. The magazine aims to recycle as many of them as possible. To do this, reporter Tobi rings doorbells and even gets support from the soccer players of Borussia Mönchengladbach.

Further episodes will look at how mobile networks can be made more energy-efficient and how people with disabilities can participate in digital services without barriers.

Presenters with a green heart

The new format will be hosted alternately by Vanessa de Lacaze (49) and Tim Niedernolte (44). Vanessa de Lacaze is on camera for RTL and has also hosted shows on Sat.1 and for MDR. De Lacaze is committed to her mother's home country and is an ambassador for the aid organization Haiti Care. "I'm on fire for sustainability and social commitment, so I'm glad that we can use the format to draw attention to an important issue and make a difference together," explains De Lacaze.
Vanessa is supported by Tobias Budde (30), who is on assignment as a field reporter. The "Top30 under 30" award-winning journalist has already hosted online formats such as #GoodNews on Sportschau's Instagram channel and generates millions of clicks with his TikTok and YouTube videos. In 2021, he published his children's book "Es ist okay, traurig zu sein.”

Tim Niedernolte is known, among other things, as a presenter of the ZDF magazine show "hallo deutschland". In 2018, his book "Wunderwaffe Wertschätzung" was published, and in 2021 he wrote " Respekt! Die Kraft, die alles verändert." He is committed to helping the homeless and advocates for more social cohesion. "Especially in these times and all the crises we have to cope with, it's so good to have a format that shows what we're all made of and how we can make the world a little better every day anew," says Niedernolte.

Niedernolte is supported by Sarah Mangione (32) as a reporter. The actress and voice actress has already hosted several web formats such as "I challenge you" for Aktion Mensch and "Schlag den Star - Backstage" for Brainpool.

Produced is "Heute retten wir die Welt! Ein bisschen." by FORTY10 and its producer Sebastian Egelhoff, who developed the format together with head writer Carmen Strieder and creative director Robert Heine. The Cologne-based company is a subsidiary of Sporttotal AG.

Coinciding with the broadcast on February 7, the episode will also be available online on demand.

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