Michaela Weidenbrück

Michaela Weidenbrück

Corporate Blogger

Michaela Weidenbrück, born in 1964, is adding a new string to her bow: blogging. After obtaining a degree in economics, she worked in a number of different positions in other companies before joining Deutsche Telekom in 1998. Her focus has always been on  devices, and she has also been press spokesperson on this topic since 2008. So whenever there is anything new and exciting to report on in the product world, she'll write about it here.

Articles by Michaela Weidenbrück

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Presenters of the magazin


New sustainability magazine on MagentaTV

How each of us can become a world saver is the subject of the new infotainment magazine on MagentaTV.

Graphic with Hybrid 5G lettering


Even faster internet with the hybrid 5G solution

Deutsche Telekom launches the very first hybrid 5G solution for its fixed network.



T Phone now also available in Germany

Top smartphones at top rates: from today, use the full potential of the 5G network with the T Phone and the T Phone Pro.

Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Corporate Responsibility

Sustainability indices: Deutsche Telekom awarded first place

Sustainability indices: Deutsche Telekom awarded first place Deutsche Telekom again qualified for the sustainability indices "Dow Jones Sustainability Index World" and "Dow Jones Sustainability Index Europe" (DJSI) and is ranked number 1 for the first time in...

Eco Rating Label


Mobile phone Eco Rating scheme expands to 35 countries

Consumer mobile phone rating scheme expands to a total of 8 operators in Europe, Africa and South America and is supported by 22 manufacturers.