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New T Tablet enables 5G access for all

  • 5G for every budget: Deutsche Telekom expands product portfolio and launches its own T Tablet
  • T tablet is available from August 24 for just 1 euro with any Magenta data rate plan or for a one-time charge of EUR 219 euros
  • The 10.4-inch screen and an operating time of up to 13 hours are suitable for learning as well as for streaming or entertainment
The new T Tablet

5G for every budget: Deutsche Telekom expands product portfolio and launches the T Tablet. © DTAG

Deutsche Telekom is committed to doubling 5G coverage across Europe - whether by investing in infrastructure, deploying networks, developing tariffs or making 5G-enabled devices affordable. The launch of the new T Tablet at a price of just 1 euro with every Magenta Mobile or Data plan is an important step toward achieving this goal. Without a mobile plan, the T Tablet costs a one-time fee of 219 euros. It will be available from August 24. 

The tablet is a result of Deutsche Telekom's ongoing partnership with leading software manufacturer Google. With the T Tablet and T Phone, the two companies are combining their strengths. By seamlessly combining hardware, software and network, this cooperation enables 5G access for all. 

The T Tablet has a 10.4-inch screen, Dual SIM, an 8-megapixel front-facing camera, and the option to expand the 128 GB internal storage to 2 TB via micro-SD card. The device offers a digital experience for young users in particular. Access to the Google Kids Space with age-appropriate apps, books and videos supports children in their learning. In Google Entertainment Space, they can access their favorite movies, series, videos, games and books. In addition, 100 GB of Google One cloud storage is included for free for three months.  This offer is valid for activation during the period August 17, 2023 through June 30, 2024.

In many areas of life, access to a powerful mobile network is now a necessary prerequisite. At the latest since the pandemic, education is also one of them. Digital learning is a central part of everyday school life. This means that not only mobile access to fast Internet has become indispensable, but also the availability of affordable end devices for all students. 

"With the new T Tablet, we are taking another important step toward making the network of the future accessible to everyone - and at a very affordable price. Our goal is for even more people to benefit from the possibilities of our ever-growing 5G network. We are particularly pleased that we can use our devices to drive digitization in the education sector. A digital, connected life is the future and Telekom wants to play an active role in shaping it," says Dr. Christian Loefert, Head of Marketing Communications, Training and Mobile Devices, Telekom Deutschland.

The launch of the T Tablet on the German market is part of the international product roll-out. The new 5G device is now also available in Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Montenegro, northern Macedonia, Poland, Slovakia and the United States. 

In addition to the launch of the new T Tablet, Telekom Deutschland is also updating the T Phone.  There is the new color, "Dusty Grey," more ROM memory, NFC, an updated front camera, and the Android 13 operating system. The refreshed T Phone is also available from August 24 for 1 euro, for example, with the MagentaMobil S rate plan. 

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