eEtiquette makes good impression

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The international TEDGlobal conference is to today's innovators and creative minds from business and society what Olympus was to the gods. For the first time, Deutsche Telekom presented its eEtiquette guidelines at the world's leading ideas forum in Edinburgh, Scotland.

With "Ideas Worth Spreading" as its motto, the international conference for Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) took place for the seventh time. Over 1,000 hand-picked experts from 70 countries came together in the Scottish capital in July to exchange ideas. Their shared aim was to present innovative ideas and to interact with participants in order to further develop and establish these ideas.

One of the participants was Deutsche Telekom, with its new eEtiquette guidelines à la Knigge, which have now been rolled out internationally. They address questions such as "Can I send a friend request to my boss on Facebook?", "Can you end a relationship by text message?" and "What are digital opening hours?" With over 100 tips and recommendations, the eEtiquette guidelines cover important dos and don'ts for the digital lifestyle. They are available online as well as in bookstores. Pioneer of the future "The fact that a company such as Deutsche Telekom is involved in the TEDGlobal conference shows that we are moving with the times with our eEtiquette guidelines. A real first, the eEtiquette guidelines contain points of reference for everyone who uses new media and digital communication, whether for personal or professional reasons," said Julia Leihener from the Creation Center of Deutsche Telekom Laboratories. Deutsche Telekom's involvement in TED with the eEtiquette guidelines is a way of expressing its sense of social responsibility for the digital world," she added. The dos and don'ts are the result of research and interviews with different target groups such as hardcore users, teenagers and international media users. Ideas that delight The TED event is highly regarded around the world and unparalleled every time, and this year's event was no exception. This is due both to the multinational participants and to the style of the forum. Instead of using rigid PowerPoint presentations, the creative thinkers, who come from all over the world, move around freely on the stage and present their ideas in amusing and exciting ways.