Experience as the driver of digitization

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Factories used to boost their efficiency through the division of labor and machinery. Join us at Hannover Messe (hall 7, booth A40) to discover the driver of the future: digitization. 

Image Cloud

Companies who want to embrace the digitization need two things: a willingness to change and an experienced partner. 

​​​​​​​Any company wanting to be successful over the long term must tackle the digital transformation at all stages in the value chain: from planning, procurement and production to distribution and billing. The golden rule: data must be systematically gathered and stored and selectively processed. How? Deutsche Telekom and T-Systems will be happy to show you with lots of very specific examples at Hannover Messe, hall 7, booth A40. 

Clouds enable end-to-end tracking

Thanks to digitization, planning mistakes can be avoided by giving constructors access to data in the cloud from past projects right from their digital workstation. The benefits are clear if parts for a new product can be ordered by the developer at his desk and then delivered 'just in time' for production. All of the data for manufacturing also come from the cloud and connected robots supply CNC machines with components. Thanks to digitization, the cloud enables end-to-end tracking. For this reason, Bluetooth technology is fitted to all shipments. And, finally, invoices are also issued automatically. 

T-Systems, your digital partner

The advantages of digitization are plain, but it is not being used to the full, according to a study by TNS Infratest. The utilities, machine engineering and automobile sectors only score 50 out of 100 index points. Because many companies lack expertise in transformation, it is advisable to hire an experienced partner, such as T-Systems. The DT subsidiary came first again in 2016 in the Lünendonk ranking "Leading Business Innovation/Transformation Partner (BITP) in Germany." There are many advantages to working with DT, including more than ten years of cloud experience and the company's 19 twin core data centers. The Group has connected 24 million households and companies and laid 30,000 kilometers of fiber-optic cable last year alone. Our Magenta Security business unit ensures the data entrusted to us is protected in line with Germany's strict data protection standards.

Join us at Hannover Messe
There's no avoiding digitization. It guarantees future success. DT shows what it can do as your digitization partner, from April 24 to 28 at Hannover Messe. Where? Hall 7, booth A40.  Join us at Hannover Messe to discover the driver of the future: digitization. Visitors can get real hands-on experience.


Special Hannover Messe

Deutsche Telekom at Hannover Messe.