First Greek NB-IoT smart city pilot introduced in Patras

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Deutsche Telekom subsidiary COSMOTE offers pioneering digital services.

Smart City Patras

Patras introduces innovative smart city applications based on NB-IoT.

For the first time in Greece, Deutsche Telekom Group’s subsidiary COSMOTE has implemented a smart city pilot based on Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) technology in cooperation with the municipality of Patras. The joint project will offer the citizens and visitors of Patras smart parking and smart lighting solutions in selected locations in the city center. It serves as a shining example of the infinite potential the Internet of Things can bring to urban areas, as well as the additional benefits of the innovative NB-IoT technology for smart city applications.

“Narrowband IoT changes the status-quo in the Internet of Things arena, as it utilizes the fourth-generation mobile telephony networks to offer safer interconnection between a greater number of devices, at a longer distance and lower cost,” said George Tsonis, Executive Director of Network Planning & Development at OTE Group. “In the future, most smart cities applications will be based on this technology.”

As part of the NB-IoT pilot implementation in Patras, specialized smart parking sensors have been installed in existing parking spaces at Patreos street and smart lighting controllers at Othonos-Amalias street. Car drivers will be immediately informed about free parking space locations and how to get there, through a specialized mobile application. The installed smart lighting systems will be adjusted to different light intensity levels according to the season and time of the day, reducing electric power consumption by up to 70%.

The project was implemented in cooperation with the Municipality of Patras and Huawei. In addition, OTS’s smart parking application, Kafkas’ LED lighting systems and Flashnet’s smart lighting controllers were utilized. COSMOTE is financing the pilot while providing technical support and maintenance services throughout 2017.

The pilot in Patras is not only the first such application in Greece, but also among the first NB-IoT smart city solutions in Europe. In Germany, Deutsche Telekom Group is also working with the cities of Hamburg, Dortmund, Duisburg, and Moers to offer smart parking solutions based on NB-IoT. Elsewhere in Europe, Deutsche Telekom Group is currently rolling out NB-IoT in more and more cities to enable future smart city solutions based on the innovative technology.

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