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Fleet management: Safe, economic and ecological travel

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For the transfer of cash or items of value, transport companies rely on incalculable routes for the security of their journeys. Dispatchers develop sophisticated itineraries for this purpose. This is now very easy - with a solution for fleet management. This solution also helps to increase the efficiency of the fleet and improve customer service.

Part of the ITT fleet.

Industrie- und Transportschutz Thüringen has been providing security services as well as cash and valuables transfers for 30 years.

"In our industry, it is very important not to always drive the same routes." Wolf-Rüdiger Wirth is Managing Director of Industrie- und Transportschutz Thüringen in Erfurt. ITT has been providing security services as well as cash and valuables transfers for 30 years. These include, for example, the disposal of paper money and the delivery of hard cash. The fleet includes 100 vehicles for transporting valuables. If a customer is added or removed, an optimizer revises the entire route structure. ITT's area of service ranges from the Rhine to the Polish border, from Berlin to Nuremberg. GPS tracking alone is no help. How can the company reduce empty runs and detours? How can it increase safety for drivers in remote areas? Which manual processes can be digitalized and automated? Which evaluations helps operations to be more eco-friendly and efficient?

Customer requests implemented at short notice

In addition to a specific security solution, ITT uses dynamic route planning with the Telekom solution for fleet management Drive & Track powered by Fleet Complete. "Today we are able to adapt to short-term changes in customer requirements. We can incorporate new orders into route planning within a short time," explains Wirth. 

A black box displays the location, movement and driving time of a vehicle in a cloud-based platform. This online portal contains functions for route planning and navigation. The platform generates detailed analysis reports in real time from data such as speed, engine revolutions or fuel consumption. The planner can predefine warnings for certain thresholds. In case of critical events such as deviations from a planned route, the system sends immediate messages by e-mail or SMS. 

Improved vehicle operations thanks to real-time data

The reports in the portal can be customized and provide the company with key figures. These are used to calculate profitability. "With Drive & Track powered by Fleet Complete we are able to read our data better and more transparently. We can use it to create a plan comparison of the tours. We have now moved into real monitoring and continuous improvement of the tours," says Wirth. "This has brought improvements concerning the important factors safety, ecology and economy.

Fleet efficiency from the cloud - who can benefit? 
Drive & Track allows companies to manage their fleets and goods and to securely locate mobile employees. Four examples from four industries.
-    Optimized planning of the teams' routes improves operational processes. Companies offer their customers better service. If vehicles need less fuel, this increases gains in the long term. Service providers and craftsmen benefit from this. 
-    For machinery rental companies in the construction sector, the most important capital is their assets, such as rental excavators. If sensor data can detect maintenance needs early on, downtimes can be avoided. If certain thresholds are exceeded, alert messages inform the dispatching department.
-    Anyone responsible for a fleet of school buses knows the importance of safety. Live maps show the buses’ locations almost in real time. An accident detection function sends a message when the sensors register an accident. 
-    In the logistics sector, companies reduce costs primarily through optimized routes and lower fuel consumption thanks to driving style analysis. Assistance in recording working hours makes planning easier. 

Drive & Track powered by Fleet Complete is scalable for companies with small, medium or large fleets. 

Newcomers use a dongle that can be quickly and easily plugged into various vehicles without the need for installation. The dongle is supplied ready for use with SIM card. There are also built-in trackers and speedometer solutions. 

On the road with IoT

On the road with IoT

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