"Forum for Digital Ethics" – An in-depth look at artificial intelligence

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Artificial intelligence – or AI for short – is all the rage. Researchers, programmers, businesspeople, startups, politicians – it seems everyone is eager to share their opinions about the impact of AI: its economic force and the societal changes it will bring about. It is apparent that this new technology presents both risks and opportunities. 


Despite all these thoughts and visions, however, one thing usually goes unmentioned: so far, we do not have a single, uniform definition of AI. Most people agree on the differentiation between strong and weak AI, however, even though strong AI – that is, self-learning algorithms – doesn't actually exist yet. Nonetheless, it is important to set the course and define an ethical framework for AI at an early stage. It isn't too late to seize the reins yet.

That's why Deutsche Telekom launched its "Forum for Digital Ethics" in March 2019, to create a place for societal dialog, interchange, and participation. Insights from these discussions will be incorporated in the further development of ethical standards, not to mention the products and services of the Group.

The Forum makes it possible to experience digital ethics through the following methods

  • Explanation
    The Forum uses AI use cases to demonstrate the ethical issues that this technology raises.
  • Interchange
    Organization of a variety of events for discussing AI and the associated questions.
  • Joint development
    Understanding the needs of society to define the desired ethical handling of AI and implement it.
  • Collaboration
    Workshops with representatives from politics, business, academia, and tech, as well as partners and customers.
  • Education
    Development of learning opportunities for AI and ethics.
  • Implementation
    Operationalization of the results in specific action recommendations and information materials.

ContactIf you have any questions regarding the "Forum for Digital Ethics", please send us an e-mail: Forum.Digital.Ethics@telekom.de

Virtual tour through the forum

Explore the Forum for Digital Ehtics on a 360 degrees tour.

In the future, artificial intelligence (AI) will make decisions in many areas of life and often independently. What does this mean for us humans, on whom these decisions have an impact? A social consensus is needed on how and to what extent artificial intelligence may intervene in our lives.  We therefore need a digital ethic which, as a navigation tool, helps to transfer the values that exist in the analogue world to the digital world.

Against this background, Deutsche Telekom – incidentally, as one of the first companies in Germany and the world – has developed guidelines for its AI processes and products. Because only if customers trust our products will they buy and recommend our products and services. We are committed to clarity, transparency, security, responsibility and trust.

Digital Responsibility

AI Guidelines

Deutsche Telekom defines its own policy for the use of artificial intelligence (AI).