From today to tomorrow

Our working world will look different in the future. The NewWork@Telekom magazine has looked at developments, trends and innovations that will have a significant impact on our jobs today and in the coming years. The entire edition is now available as an epaper (pdf, 5.4 MB).

Two women step through a circle, from the "world of today" into the "world of tomorrow".

From today to tomorrow.

16 million workers will retire by 2035. The shortage of skilled workers is becoming a critical challenge for the economy. Around 65 percent of today's elementary school children are expected to work one day in jobs that do not currently exist. And perhaps they will do so in a virtual world that is just beginning: the metaverse. 


Das NewWork-Magazin der Telekom beleuchtet den Wandel der Arbeitswelt.

New jobs, new work and business models, innovative technologies: The edition "From today to tomorrow" shows how our job market will change and discusses which cultural and technological drivers will shape our jobs of tomorrow. It sheds light on employees' readiness to change and their willingness to quit. And it looks at changes in perspective in leadership and new working models.

About the magazine

Telekom's New Work magazine highlights changes in the world of work in several monothematic editions per year. And seeks discussion with employees on technological, organizational as well as cultural trends and changes - within the company as well as in the external professional and job market. A strong focus is always placed on the effects and requirements of new technologies, processes and human centricity.

New Work

New Work

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