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The T and New Work

Our everyday work has changed dramatically since the corona pandemic. Deutsche Telekom is therefore shaping its future working environment.

Oliver Herrmann

Is New Work the New Normal?

DT expert Oliver Herrmann explains in an interview how the Corona crisis is accelerating New Work and why the New Normal is a transition.

There you go! Shaping New Work.

New Work film: There you go!

A documentary about New Work by Forever Day One in co-production with Deutsche Telekom.

Someone holds dominoes labelled Pre-Corona, which fall over, behind him are dominoes labelled Post-Corona.

Longing for the familiar?

Will the post-pandemic world really be that much different? Or is our desire for he „old“ normality larger?


Our green working world

How will ecological conscience and social and economic responsibility shape the future of work?

Floor plan of the „elastic apartment”. Back garden office.

Working and living

Work undisturbed while the little ones are playing in the west wing? Not everyone’s home allows for this scenario.


Your choice

The digital status quo in the german trades sector. 


Digitization in the German trades sector picks up speed

1 week

The digital status quo in the german transport and logistics industry.


Despite economic slowdowns: Logistics sector remains digitization pioneer

4 weeks

Deutsche Telekom study: SMEs drive their digitalization further forward.


Digitization Index for Businesses 2021/2022...

5 weeks

People who are symbolically in focus.


Human centricity

14 weeks

Trapeze artists during an artistic performance.


Without a safety net

18 weeks

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