Trust me: A reading journey around an exciting basic need

A trusting relationship gives us security - in our private lives and at work. Because being able to rely on others as well as ourselves is a basic need and the indispensable basis for our living and working together. Telekom's NewWork magazine took an in-depth look at the various facets of trust. The entire edition is now available as an e-paper.

On the cover are written in words the different facets of trust

Culture of trust

Keeping resolutions and doing what you promise: These simple beliefs have been with us since our childhood days. And not for nothing. Because they are the basis for our reliance on others. That makes life easier for us. Trust reduces complexity. It helps us to make decisions at lightning speed and to delegate responsibility to others. It ensures that we feel safe in a social group, that we express our opinions freely, dare to ask questions and admit mistakes openly. If we succeed in creating such an atmosphere in a team or a community, we speak of psychological safety.

But what do we need to build and foster trust? In times of virtual and hybrid collaboration, how can we create and maintain trusting personal closeness, even over distance? This e-paper shows why the feeling of trust is so important for our life together and how we can work on it. How trust stands in business and society and why it plays a decisive role especially in our leadership anchors. The e-paper also offers an introduction to the concept of psychological security, describes the path to it, and provides tips and impulses on how we can shape this journey.

About the magazine

Telekom's NewWork magazine highlights the transformation of the working world in several monothematic editions per year. And seeks discussion with employees on technological, organizational as well as cultural trends and changes - within the company as well as on the external job and labor market. A strong focus is always placed on the effects and requirements of new technologies, processes and human centricity.

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