Human centricity

Emotions and human needs instead of processes and hierarchies - in the New Work, the focus on the people will be a basic prerequisite for successful companies in the future.

People who are symbolically in focus.

Human- and customer-centricity are becoming basic principles in New Work. © Telekom Picture World

Working methods, processes and strategy, product development as well as the actions of each individual business unit: All decisions and developments of modern companies should be consistently aligned with the needs of people - of employees and customers. Because if companies and organizations want to survive in a competitive environment, they have to adapt. Fundamental changes in the digital marketplace require new types of services and new ways to create innovative products. Changing labor market conditions necessitate new organizational structures and management models, new forms of collaboration, new values and a new way of thinking.

The two megatrends of human- and customer-centricity are intended to help with this. They are regarded as a basic prerequisite for modern organizations and are intended, among other things, to contribute to long-term success, innovation and efficiency. Attracting talents to companies and retaining them.

Basis for successful relationships

The consistent focus on people's emotions and needs is part of the transformation of the working world and what we understand under New Work. The approach does not only want to find meaningful answers to the economic challenges of our time. Its models and working methods go far beyond that. According to the “Zukunftsinstitut”, it is about a new understanding of work. "The classic career has had its day, and the question of meaning is coming to the fore." New Work is based on principles such as freedom, personal responsibility and flexibility. Decision-making structures that are very close to the customer are used to identify and implement specific wishes in a close exchange. 

The needs of customers are more important than those of hierarchies or processes. Recognizing them, aligning corporate decisions with them and developing products in which they are reflected becomes the primary goal. The same applies to employees within the organization. Here, too, emotions and needs come into focus, are reflected in corporate values and in an overarching corporate sense. If they are lived, the orientation towards people becomes self-evident. And lays the foundation for successful relationships, efficient collaboration and customer-oriented results.

New Work

New Work

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