Hannover Messe 2017

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"Digitization. Simply. Make it happen." is our motto for Deutsche Telekom's visitors at Hannover Messe, the world's leading industrial show.

Hannover Messe

From April 24-28, 2017, Deutsche Telekom will be presenting itself at Hannover Messe with topics such as connected factory, predictive maintenance, smart supply chains, cloud, connectivity, and security.

From April 24-28, 2017, Deutsche Telekom will be in hall 7, booth A40, presenting itself as a digitization partner with topics such as connected factory, predictive maintenance, smart supply chains, the cloud, connectivity, and security. With real, practical examples, Deutsche Telekom will demonstrate digitization in Hanover hands-on – with drones, welding robots, maintenance suitcases and a 5G robotics demo.

5G for real-time communications

Without networks, there can be no machine-to-machine communication, no Internet of Things and no Industry 4.0. That's why Deutsche Telekom is making connectivity one of its main focuses at Hannover Messe. 5G, the next-generation mobile communications standard, is a prerequisite for real-time communications. In future, industry will require reliably low latency times in the network. This guaranteed latency is an outstanding feature of 5G, along with precise positioning, shifting computing capacities to the network, high bandwidth and the integration of fixed network and mobile communications based on an integrated 5G network.

Data transmission even in hard-to-reach places

The launch and commercial implementation of new, standardized, cost-effective NarrowBand IoT technology in Europe is another important network topic for industry. Deutsche Telekom will offer NB-IoT in Germany starting in the second quarter of 2017. The most important benefits of this new technology: low costs, excellent coverage inside buildings (20 dB more than GSM) and long lifetimes of up to ten years for the two AA batteries under typical NB-IoT use. These properties enable a wide range of use cases in the Internet of Things.

Know how your machines are doing

How can the condition of machines, vehicles and other devices be monitored remotely? With Condition Monitoring and the Cloud of Things by Deutsche Telekom. Manufacturers equip their machines with sensors that transmit defined condition data to the cloud through a mobile communications unit. Conclusions about a machine's condition can be drawn from the temperature information alone. And companies that want to protect their expensive mobile devices against theft can use sensors to connect them to the Cloud of Things.

Prevent breakdowns before they occur

Identify potential damage before outages can occur: predictive maintenance helps equipment manufacturers improve their customer service. The sensors record current condition data and send it to the cloud, where it can be compared with nominal values. If the reported values exceed defined thresholds, the solution sends an alert. Service technicians can then carry out maintenance synchronized with the customer's production schedule. The advantages: less unplanned downtime and more satisfied customers.

Product lifecycle management from the cloud

PLM from the cloud. Is that possible? At Hannover Messe, Deutsche Telekom will present a design engineering workplace that uses PLM solutions from the Open Telekom Cloud. Deutsche Telekom's secure German public cloud can analyze even the largest datasets, enabling users to avoid expensive hardware and software investments.

Join us at Hannover Messe
There's no avoiding digitization. It guarantees future success. DT shows what it can do as your digitization partner, from April 24 to 28 at Hannover Messe. Where? Hall 7, booth A40.  Join us at Hannover Messe to discover the driver of the future: digitization. Visitors can get real hands-on experience.