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Hate Against Women: Episode 2 of the Digital Crime Podcast

Hate against women is widespread, even online. But what kind of suffering do the victims experience? When there’s a brawl it's clear to everyone that the police shows up. But what actually happens when you report hate? Find out in our new episode of Digital Crime - startling, exciting and informative.

Hate Against Women: Episode 2 of the Digital Crime Podcast

Hate Against Women: Episode 2 of the Digital Crime Podcast

The new episode Digital Crime - When Words Become Weapons is about hate against women. Why this topic is so special that we're dedicating an entire podcast episode to it? Listen to Julia's story. As a journalist and fact-checker, she is constantly exposed to online hate. She is insulted, threatened by sexual violence and persecution in the analog world. Unfortunately, her experience is not an isolated case.

Digital violence against women takes on many forms and is omnipresent. It ranges from insults and threats to targeted fake news attacks and the mass dissemination of personal data. Women from all walks of life are affected. Those who are in the public eye or have public appearances are particularly hard hit. Like Julia. The fact that hate against women as such has not been recorded in criminal statistics to date further exacerbates the problem. 

Is hatred against women a criminal offense?

In this episode our experts are Daniela Rothermundt, public prosecutor at the Göttingen Central Office for Combating Hate Crime on the Internet, and Dr. Tobias Schmid from the initiative "Verfolgen statt nur Löschen" of the State Media Authority NRW (North Rhine-Westphalia, a German federal state.) In the podcast, they explain how hate against women is to be assessed legally. They also discuss the question of whether we are talking about criminal offenses against individuals or incitement of the people. And also about the question of whether the threat of rape is already a crime.

"Digital Crime - When Words Become Weapons" is part of #DABEI-Gegen Hass im Netz

Telekom is fighting for an Internet based on mutual respect and democratic values. Since the campaign was launched in July 2020, millions of people have been reached - including the TV spot featuring Jay, whom you met in our first episode. Telekom is not alone in its fight but supported by its 44 partners. Some of them also have their say in the podcast series. 

"We have been working intensively against hate on the Internet and digital moral courage for a long time. Julia's story shocked me a lot. Especially because the hate intensity she has to deal with is so strong and there seem to be no boundaries between the digital and analog worlds," says Barbara Costanzo from Telekom, whose Social Engagement team created the podcast episodes. "It’s stories like Julia's and Jay's that need to be told and that continue to reinforce us: Words must not become weapons!"

Each episode tells a new, true story

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The current season consists of four episodes - online always on the last Sunday of the month. In each one we look at online hate topics from a different perspective. In our third everything revolves around the topic of gaming. You will get to know Josef, who, as a gamer and coach in esports, has experienced a lot of hate because of his skin color.

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