Nicolas Hanisch

Nicolas Hanisch

Corporate Blogger

Nico works in the field of Corporate Responsibility and blogs about topics of digital inclusion and media literacy.

Articles by Nicolas Hanisch

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Digital Crime


Digital Crime - When Words Become Weapons

Real incidents of online hate will be in the center of the 4 podcast episodes of our newest season of Digital Crime – learn what each of us can do against it! People affected by hate and experts have their say - startling, exciting and informative.

Young man playing computer game.


Radicalization in gaming - a real problem?

Anticonstitutional symbols and inhuman agitation in gaming. Is it all irony or a recruitment ploy by radical groups?



The inspiration in contrary opinions

"Diskutier Mit Mir" - the name says it all. A program for political dialog and socially relevant topics. And for constructive dialog. And thus also against hate, fake news and the division of society.

210428-Digitaler-Raum_TCW274850Young 2020 - Zuhause


The digital space: a world full of inspiration and new perspectives?

Constructive dialogue on the Internet is often called for. But can we really stand counter-opinions? How do we manage to get into a really constructive dialogue that ultimately makes a difference?



Is it all just a game? - How parents can protect their children in gaming

Children are playing more and more online games these days. But with whom and what is often not so easy to say. What role do parents have? What can they do to guide their children safely through the world of online games?