LTE for soccer fans

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Deutsche Telekom provides LTE coverage in and around Berlin's Olympic Stadium.

Visitors to Berlin's historic Olympiastadion will have an extra-special surfing experience at this year's UEFA Champions League final: In the stadium's "cauldron," its interior, thousands of soccer fans will be able to surf at speeds of up to 300 Mbps and upload photos at the same time.

Climbing in the cauldron
Deutsche Telekom's engineers have recently installed a total of around 75 additional antennas in the stadium's interior. Industrial climbers were even hired to mount the purpose-built mobile communications antennas on the roof structure, 35 meters high. Laser marking was used to align the highly focusing antennas precisely with central seating blocks, to ensure good coverage no matter where fans are in the stadium.

High-speed Internet on the go
Deutsche Telekom has also massively upgraded the cellular infrastructure in the stadium's outer areas. Antennas have been installed in three directions surrounding the stadium – some directly on the stadium's facade and at the nearby subway station. Additional coverage points have been set up in the parking lot to the east of the stadium and near the suburban railway station, to give fans fast Internet coverage as soon as they arrive.

The new LTE network successfully passed its trial by fire at the German Football Association Cup final last weekend.