Magenta ONE Europe-wide

Magenta ONE arrived these days at Croatia too. Introduced by Telekom Deutschland in 2014 at IFA, the concept of integrated one-stop packages spread in less than two years across Deutsche Telekom’s European footprint.

Currently residential customers in all seven integrated markets enjoy best-in-class one-stop-shop communications and entertainment services. Deutsche Telekom subsidiaries in Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Macedonia, Greece, Montenegro and now Croatia successfully followed the concept of the bundled portfolio. An international marketing concept, adapted to suit the local market landscape and needs and make Internet, Voice and Entertainment accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device. “Convergence is a core strategic priority for us, in order to become Europe’s leading telco provider and Magenta ONE is clearly the spearhead product of our Fixed Mobile Convergence strategy”, says Attila Keszeg, Senior Vice President, Commercial Excellence Europe at Deutsche Telekom.

The launch of the first Magenta ONE packages outside Germany was done already back in spring 2015. Slovakia and Romania were the pioneers. Alongside residential offers, solutions for business customers are also being launched, consisting of fixed line, mobile communications and generous cloud storage options.

With national subsidiaries further building-on the Magenta ONE concept, in line with the strategy to create the best customer experience driven by the Group’s technological leadership, customers’ future across Europe clearly looks bright and magenta!