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MagentaTV: App now also available on Amazon Fire TV

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Deutsche Telekom's TV package offers live TV, series, and movies in HD quality. MagentaTV is now available on Amazon Fire TV. Customers can use the app to stream all MagentaTV content via Fire TV. This includes 75 TV channels and more than 13,500 titles on demand. The Megathek library boasts the best of ARD and ZDF as well as many exclusive series and TV classics. The MagentaTV app for Fire TV costs 7.95 euros per month and can be canceled each month. The first month is free of charge.

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MagentaTV: Now also available as an app on Amazon Fire TV.

Watch TV as you wish

Since October 2018, Deutsche Telekom has also been offering MagentaTV to those without a Deutsche Telekom internet account. MagentaTV is also available via app for iOS and Android, as well as on Chromecast and via web client. The time-shift and restart functions, enabling users to watch TV as they wish, have recently been added to these platforms. The time-shift function allows users to pause programs at any time and simply resume from the same point at a later date. Users can watch programs that have already started from the very beginning by selecting the restart symbol. These functions will also be available via Amazon FireTV in the future.