Mobility: Online any time, anywhere

Hotspot revolution: Surf the net free using the world's biggest hotspot network with WLAN TO GO.

Secure Internet access around the world any time, anywhere, free of charge – Deutsche Telekom is paving the way with WLAN TO GO combined with large-scale expansion of the WiFi network. The keystone for this venture is a partnership with Fon, the world's biggest WiFi operator.

Users share their home WiFi The idea behind WLAN TO GO is as simple as it is ingenious: Users share their home WiFi with other users and can access millions of hotspots worldwide, free of charge, in return. All they need is a Deutsche Telekom IP line and a Fon-enabled Speedport router. The line owners' home Internet connection maintains the same quality and speed as before; the only difference is that unused capacity is available to guest users. The system also ensures data privacy as the private WiFi is separated entirely from WLAN TO GO and is only accessible to authorized users.

The service is also attractive to small business customers such as cafés, doctors' offices and hair salons. It enables them to provide their own customers with secure WLAN access at no risk and no extra cost.

Eight million hotspots in 100 different countries Telekom customers who make the free capacity of their own DSL line available to others join the largest hotspot network in the world. They can go online with WLAN quality using every Telekom hotspot in Germany and every Fon hotspot around the world. There are currently some eight million hotspots in more than 100 different countries. Fon was founded in 2006 and has entered into partnerships with leading telecommunications providers in countries such as the UK, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Croatia, Russia and Japan. The extensive Fon community in Brazil means that Telekom customers who have signed up for WLAN TO GO will also be able to surf the net there free of charge during the soccer World Cup.

An expanding global network The network is constantly growing: In 2013, Telekom is expanding WLAN TO GO to include its national companies in Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary. Within Germany, the Group plans to extend its existing hotspot network from the current figure of 12,000 to 2.5 million by the end of 2016. This will include better coverage on InterCity Express trains, meaning that by the end of 2014, Deutsche Bahn passengers will be able to enjoy high-speed Internet access on more than 250 express trains over 5,200 km of track, rather than the current 3,000 km. It is already possible to surf the net even at dizzy heights, thanks to 100 Telekom hotspots on the aircraft of seven airlines, including Lufthansa and American Airlines.