Networks ready for Industry 4.0 

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Industry 4.0 puts new demands on connectivity. Anyone who wants to control processes in real time will be using the 5G mobile communications standard with its minuscule latency times in the future. 


At this year's Hannover Messe, DT will be showing how processes can be controlled in real time over the mobile network.

Anyone who walks through the exhibition halls at Hannover Messe is guaranteed to come across a few robots. But the robot on display at the DT booth is something special. It is controlled through the next generation mobile communications standard. Because 5G provides a decisive benefit: it transfers data, and therefore commands, with extremely short latency times. This is of huge importance to industry, as it means that fast response times on the network are achieved not just on a one-off basis, but guaranteed with complete reliability. Just as Deutsche Telekom cracked the threshold value for latency time of one millisecond last year, it can now guarantee stable, extremely low latency times in the 5G network. This means the response time of our industrial robot is now exactly eight milliseconds – every time. 

Network technology for narrowband applications 

Using Narrowband IoT technology as a preliminary technology on the way to 5G, networked sensors transmit data over a narrowband link. The network is equipped with sensors with the capacity, for example, to guide motorists to vacant parking spots or pass on the information on exactly how full the local trash cans are. They do all this at low data transmission rates and with a battery life of up to an amazing ten years. Deutsche Telekom is now carrying out an initial commercial test on Narrowband IoT together with ista, a German energy service provider that currently operates more than 15 million connected devices in multi-family dwellings throughout Europe. ista is soon to begin the smart metering, reporting and billing of energy consumption using Deutsche Telekom's narrowband network. 

Narrowband IoT and mobile field staff

Deutsche Telekom will be starting roll-out of the network technology required for these narrowband applications in Germany and the Netherlands. In Greece, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia and Croatia, DT plans to extend its already existing Narrowband IoT network coverage to more cities over the course of the coming year.

Join us at Hannover Messe
There's no avoiding digitization. It guarantees future success. DT shows what it can do as your digitization partner, from April 24 to 28 at Hannover Messe. Where? Hall 7, booth A40.  Join us at Hannover Messe to discover the driver of the future: digitization. Visitors can get real hands-on experience.


Special Hannover Messe

Deutsche Telekom at Hannover Messe.