Verena Fulde


Guest WLAN via QR code and more: New features for Magenta TV

With "Telekom Home Experience," the best screen in the home becomes the window into the networked home: Anyone who has booked Magenta TV and owns a current media receiver (MR 401 or higher) will find this new application in the app section these days. Customers with a Magenta TV stick can download the app from the Google Playstore.

The services now launched are the first step toward a world in which Telekom services such as TV, smart home, router, Magenta Cloud or voice control magically work together. 

Thats how the new „Telekom Home Experience“ looks like. The new app at Magenta TV.

Thats how the new „Telekom Home Experience“ looks like. The new app at Magenta TV. © Deutsche Telekom

The following applications are available at launch

Home network control

  • Convenient access to the guest WLAN
    Just to give your visitor access to your WLAN at home - but what's the password? And where is it written down? Once it's found, you often have to dictate long and complicated sequences of numbers and letters without making any mistakes. Simply annoying!

    From now on, this is easier: One click on "Guest network" in the new Telekom Home Experience app and a QR code appears on the TV screen. Quickly and conveniently scanned with a smartphone - and voilà! Guests are already on the extra visitor WLAN.   
  • Restarting the router
    If the home network is on strike, a router restart usually helps. With Home Experience, you don't even have to get up from the sofa. Just click on the tile "Restart router" and the device shuts down and starts up again.


  • Home Network Check
    Anyone who has problems with their Internet connection or simply wants to know how fast their network is can test it with this function. One click and the new Telekom Home Experience checks all relevant components of the home network. If problems with the network are detected, recommendations in the Help Center will help you fix them.
  • Help Center
    The Ask Magenta chatbot helps with questions about Telekom products, the contract or problems. Click on the Help Center for quick contact. Scan the QR code with your smartphone and customers can chat with Frag Magenta or find help in the FAQs or Telekom help videos.


  • Photos 
    This tile provides access to your own picture folders in the Magenta Cloud. For example, vacation or children's photos can be easily shared on the TV and viewed on the large screen.


  • Weather and news service
    Services from Telekom partners such as WetterOnline and local and international news from dpa are connected here. Very practical. The weather is displayed directly for the user's own location. And local news are prioritized.

These functions are just the beginning and the basis for future convergent and personalized functions that customers can look forward to in spring 2022. Other services will then follow.