New reporting structure for the Group

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Which segments are behind which figures? The new Board of Management structure at Deutsche Telekom also means a change to the structure for reporting financial figures.

The previous breakdown – by Fixed Network, Mobile Communications and T Systems – is being replaced by a structure with a more regional focus.

A reorganized management structure has been in place at Deutsche Telekom since the end of February, and was put into operation in mid-2009. The Board departments have realigned themselves accordingly. This reorganization is now reflected in the internal reporting structure. With the publication of the figures for the third quarter of 2009, Deutsche Telekom is presenting its results, including externally, under the changed structure for the very first time.

The new structure is characterized more than ever by regional market responsibility in the combined fixed-network and mobile communications business. This realignment has also resulted in a change to the structure of the operating segments.

In future, Deutsche Telekom will report on five operating segments: Germany, United States, Europe, Southern and Eastern Europe, and Systems Solutions, as well as on Group Headquarters & Shared Services.

The business activities in four of these five operating segments are assigned by region, whereas in the Systems Solutions segment they are assigned by customer and product.

But what do the individual segments cover?

  • The Germany operating segment comprises all fixed-network and mobile activities in Germany (excluding Systems Solutions). In addition, the operating segment provides wholesale telecommunications services for the Group's other operating segments.
  • The United States operating segment combines mobile activities on the US market.
  • The Europe operating segment covers all activities of the mobile communications companies in the United Kingdom, Poland, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Austria, as well as the International Wholesale unit.
  • The Southern and Eastern Europe operating segment comprises the fixed-network and mobile communications operations of the national companies in Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia, and Montenegro.
  • The Systems Solutions operating segment bundles business with ICT products and solutions for large multinational corporations under the T-Systems brand.
  • Group Headquarters & Shared Services comprises Service Headquarters and those subsidiaries of Deutsche Telekom AG that are not allocated to the operating segments.