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Getting started with digitization means network access must be simple. The "HotSpot Plug'n'Play" package enables cafés and bookstores, for example, to provide their customers with free WiFi. The existing Internet access is simply shared.

Shopping is much more than just buying a product these days. A network that is always available is part of everyday life. This is what customers also expect, for example, in bookstores, DIY stores, cafés, or when shopping for shoes. In order to provide small and medium-sized business customers with an easy start to digitization, Telekom is launching HotSpot Plug'n'Play today. "With this, we make life easier as well as better for our customers," said Niek Jan van Damme, Member of the Board of Management Deutsche Telekom AG for Germany. HotSpot Plug'n'Play lets business owners provide their customers with WiFi free of charge and with no liability risk.

Easy and secure

All you need is a Telekom line with a minimum bandwidth of 16 Mbit/s and a corresponding router. Setup is quick and uncomplicated. You only need to connect two cables – the network cable and the power plug – and HotSpot Plug'n'Play configures itself.

The user's data traffic is routed separately from that of the owner of the line. This also means that third parties cannot use his line. To use the WiFi, guests access the Telekom website that appears in the browser, without having to go through any cumbersome login process.

HotSpot Plug'n'Play is available for as little as EUR 19.95 net per month plus a one-time charge of EUR 149 net for the hardware. The minimum term of agreement is 24 months. This package can be ordered online, via the hotline, or in any Telekom Shop. The service runs via highly secure Telekom data centers in Germany.

The customer is also provided with a HotSpot sticker which he can display in the shop window, for example, to indicate that HotSpot is available on his premises. This makes shopping in town even more attractive.