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Parking is easier with Park and Joy

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Reduce your stress with Deutsche Telekom's parking app. Commuters can use Park and Joy to find, reserve, and pay for available parking in public parking lots and private spaces. It's all integrated into one mobile application.


By offering this total package for digital parking management, Deutsche Telekom supports digital mobility concepts and makes mobility much more efficient. The solution functions as an open, digital marketplace, connecting communities, parking lot operators, and commuters. 

Tensions high in the city

In many cities, traffic chaos is part of everyday life. According to TomTom, car drivers were often stuck in traffic jams in Hamburg and Berlin in 2018. A large part of the traffic is caused by looking for a parking space. As early as 2015, the consulting firm Prognos AG calculated that Germans spend a total of 560 million hours a year looking for a parking space in cities. Often car drivers give up in frustration and end up parking their car illegally. The cities are doing their best to combat the explosive increase in traffic with smart signage and by making public transportation more attractive. Nevertheless, parking remains a scarce commodity and finding parking a matter of luck. The apps used by private parking lot operators are only effective in reaching their own customers. Cities are experiencing heavy traffic jams during peak hours and increased CO2 emissions as a result. 

Park and Joy

By offering this total package, DT supports digital mobility concepts and makes mobility much more efficient.

Digitized parking management

Park and Joy brings together municipalities, car park operators, and motorists on a single platform. Park and Joy is a digital marketplace for parking in both public and private spaces. This smart parking solution covers the entire parking process, from finding a parking space, to reserving it, actually parking and paying. All commuters need to do is install the easy-to-use Park and Joy app on their smartphones. The app is compatible with all mobile communications providers. 

Real-time search for parking space

The smartphone app is available in the app stores for iOS and Android. The app shows users the availability of parking in real time and navigates them directly to the available space. After parking, the parking space is booked online. Only two clicks are needed to create the virtual car park ticket. The driver can then pay for the parking exact to the minute, using the credit card or the mobile phone bill.

Premiere in Hamburg

Park and Joy was launched in Hamburg in October 2017. The app now works in more than 80 cities. These include large cities such as Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne, but also smaller, attractive towns such as Bonn, Cuxhaven or Lübeck. Other cities also want to offer the digital parking service, so the list of locations is growing steadily.

In future, Park and Joy will not only be available for parking spaces on the street, but also for spaces in parking garages and large car parks. Then it will even possible to reserve parking lots in advance.

Up-to-date information about Park and Joy can be found here.

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