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Deutsche Telekom have successfully experimented VeriQloud’s technology for metropolitan-area-scale quantum networks

Deutsche Telekom, one of the world's leading integrated telecommunications companies, and VeriQloud, a leading quantum communication startup based in Paris, France have experimented a new quantum communication architecture for metropolitan areas.

The experiment was conducted using VeriQloud's Qline technology, which enables quantum key exchange between several nodes at the metropolitan area scale. The technology was used to establish secure communication links between four nodes in Deutsche Telekom’s Berlin OpenQKD Testbed, which consists of an installed optical fiber infrastructure in the Berlin metropolitan area.

Unlike standard quantum key distribution, which is only point-to-point, Qline is naturally multi-user, allowing for key exchange between any nodes of the network. Qline uses standard telecom modulators to scale to multiple nodes, which makes it more cost-efficient and more secure than quantum key distribution networks.

The successful experiment demonstrates the potential of quantum communication networks to expand at the same scale as classical networks, providing highly secure and reliable communication channels for sensitive data. This has important implications for a wide range of industries, including finance, healthcare, and national security.

"This experiment is an important milestone in the development of quantum communication. It has demonstrated an innovative solution for addressing an important problem of quantum networks: the last-mile connection to end-users," said Marc Geitz, Innovation Architect at Telekom Innovation Laboratories. "We are pleased to work with VeriQloud on this project and look forward to support VeriQloud’s future developments."

"We are excited to partner with Deutsche Telekom to validate Qline as a solution to the last-mile problem of quantum networks," said Marc Kaplan, CEO of VeriQloud. "Our quantum encryption technology has the potential to address new use-cases and increase the user pool of quantum communication networks."

VeriQloud and Deutsche Telekom plan to continue their partnership and explore further applications of quantum communication technology in the future. This collaboration happens in the context of a large push from European institutions toward the development of a continental quantum communication infrastructure.

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