S20 – a strong community

With the creation of S20 – The Sponsor's Voice e.V., a number of well-known businesses operating in Germany have got together as a community of interests in relation to their use of sponsoring as an effective strategic instrument of communication. Deutsche Telekom is one of the companies involved in the initiative.

The main goal of S20 is to bundle the interests and positions held in common by the members and represent those interests with a single voice to other interest groups. Such other groups will include political institutions, the promoted organizations and rights holders, the media, the scientific community and relevant sections of the broader general public. The S20 will also aim to make a contribution to the ongoing development and professionalization of the sponsoring sector. This will involve cooperating with scientists and universities, organizing initiatives with the political world and sports organizations and the promotion of research and education. The S20 is a registered non-profit association, and will be represented in public fora by its board of management.


Sponsoring Special

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