Shape the future together with Deutsche Telekom’s Ideas Forge

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What belongs in an all-round worry-free package? When is a help page perfect? The Ideas Forge at Deutsche Telekom needs people like you to build great new products.


Was gehört eigentlich zu einem Rundum-Sorglos-Service? Wann ist eine Hilfeseite perfekt? Um gute neue Produkte zu bauen, braucht die Ideenschmiede der Telekom Menschen wie dich.

The Ideas Forge welcomes everyone’s input – especially people who don’t work at Deutsche Telekom, because they, in particular, have a different, valuable take on matters. And because you should forge ideas when they’re hot, they can regularly create new things, discuss them with each other, and optimize them – online or in workshops. It’s all about the Deutsche Telekom of tomorrow. The latest example is the new initiative "Build your best service product." We’re creating a custom-tailored future together.

Everything starts with an idea

Choosing a new rate plan directly on your smartphone, pre-installed computer helpers, high bandwidths for uninterrupted streaming enjoyment: lots of things happen in the digital sphere nowadays. But times change, and people’s needs and desires change with them. Yet all too often, these very needs and desires fail to make it beyond your front door. And when you do submit feedback, you get the feeling nobody’s listening. Things are different at the Ideas Forge. Here, everyone can have their voice heard and make an active contribution toward shaping Deutsche Telekom. 

Shape the future of Deutsche Telekom together

"The Ideas Forge is an essential component for improving the customer experience continuously, based on direct customer feedback. We work together with customers and non-customers to continually evolve our products and services and test new, innovative ideas together," says Elke Anderl, SVP Service Development and Innovation at Deutsche Telekom.

Sound exciting? It is. And with more than 12,000 current users, you’ll be in good company. As part of the Ideas Forge community, you can take part in surveys and votes, discuss topics with one another, or get involved hands-on at the in-person Telekom Workshops. "We establish a dialog with our users. Our declared goal is to work with our community to shape the Deutsche Telekom of tomorrow," explains Lara Löhrer, project manager of the Ideas Forge.

Build your best service product

If you want to take a deep dive into product development, take part in our "Build your best service product" initiative. In this nationwide project, the community is designing a service product according to its own vision and needs. "We’re taking the community on a product development journey, one that involves several workshops and votes. What’s new about that? We listen to the community’s feedback and provide regular information about the current stage of development," reveals Lara Löhrer. The initiative will celebrate its premiere at the Magenta Moon Campus in Berlin, where visitors will be able to develop and share initial ideas at a workshop.

Servicemobile: custom(er) made

Which service product will result from the initiative? Only the future will tell, but the Deutsche Telekom Ideas Forge has already delivered great results. A current example is Deutsche Telekom’s "servicemobile", which travels to remote regions that don’t have a Telekom Shop nearby. The employees on board can solve customer issues directly on location. The idea and demand for the servicemobile were both identified through a survey at the Ideas Forge.

Make your ideas reality

As you can see, the Ideas Forge depends on the many creative, committed community members. And it’s not only about rating and optimizing Deutsche Telekom projects either; entirely new approaches can also be shared. When a member has an innovative idea, they put it in the ideas box. All suggestions received there are examined by the specialist departments and checked for their feasibility. If the idea can be implemented, it is developed further – together with the community, of course.


If you want to #TAKEPART to help turn an idea into a product, you can become a registered user and part of the community with just a few clicks. Every new member, every topic, and every suggestion are welcome at the Ideas Forge. 

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