#TAKEPART makes participation a central claim

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"You can #TAKEPART" – with this central message, Deutsche Telekom is keeping its promise to participate.


Deutsche Telekom wants to take everyone into the digital society. Everyone should have a stake in the possibilities of digitalization. Nobody should be left behind or excluded. Participation for all is a huge aspiration for the Company.

According to the D21-Digital-Index study, some 13 million people in Germany are in digital no man's land. They feel overwhelmed and left behind by the pace of digitalization. Deutsche Telekom feels responsible for bridging this digital divide. The Company already enables participation in the digital world today, through products, solutions, and services made by Deutsche Telekom. Their networks are the basis for ensuring that everyone can participate at any time.

That's why Deutsche Telekom is investing billions of euros in its network infrastructure and the services and innovations that build upon it. Deutsche Telekom CEO Tim Höttges put it this way: "We want to get everyone to #TAKEPART. With this conviction, we want to devote our full strengths to get as many people on board as possible in our evolution toward a digital society."

Deutsche Telekom won't be satisfied until everyone can #TAKEPART: in cities and in rural areas, in schools and business parks. #TAKEPART stands for optimism instead of isolationism; for closeness instead of distance; for equal digital opportunities for the many, not for the few. After all, only those who take part can experience how “life is for sharing”.



Telekom will never stop until everyone can #TAKEPART.