Technology Leadership Market in Prague

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At the Technology Leadership Market in Prague, Deutsche Telekom showed how its local operations are making it the leading European telco. Together, they leverage the Group’s technology leadership to provide customers across its footprint with truly the best experience.

What is next for partners and customers? What can they expect from DT and its technology in the next few years? These were just two of the questions that employees and journalists from across Europe tackled at the first Technology Leadership Market. Fotoshow T-Mobile Czech Republic, which hosted the event, is home to the Terminal Shared Service Center. This competence center optimizes fixed-line and mobile devices for DT customers in its 13 national companies. The devices are put through rigorous testing either in Prague or in three other locations across Germany. Once the tests are completed, DT gives the requirements to the manufacturers to ensure they are ideally integrated into the DT network. “An optimized device is much faster on our network,” explained Daniel Michálek, International Head of Terminal Integration & Validation, in Prague. When a voice call which is made via 3G ends, it takes far less time to switch back to high-speed LTE data connection. “This is a difference the customer feels right away,” continued Michálek. The competence center is also responsible for testing apps and software developed by Deutsche Telekom and its partner companies. One factor they focus on is, of course, security.

Sharing the knowledge to provide data security With the number of hacking attempts increasing every month, Regional Chief Technology Security Officer Ivo Pastucha, sees DT in the role of a defender: “T-Mobile Czech Republic can hardly fight all these hackers, but it can protect data and customers.” The Head of the Group's Data Reliance Shared Service Center knows: “There is and always will be a gap between system protection and the implementation of new components.” One percent of DSL data traffic in the Czech Republic is malicious, but most of the customers do not know anything about this constant, imminent threat. There is a lack of transparency which has to be overcome in the next years, Pastucha explained.

See and hear the future of customer service Technology can also help to improve Customer service at Deutsche Telekom. Magyar Telekom, the company’s subsidiary in Hungary, is running a pilot project whereby customer service agents can help customers via video conference. What is more, they can use a type of heads-up-display to drag and drop products and tariff descriptions, for instance, right onto the screen. This enables customers to actually see what they are signing up for. The company is also developing better voice biometrics solutions that let customers identify themselves by just saying a passphrase. A speech recognition solution will also allow customers to say what they want and a so-called virtual assistant brings them through the company’s offerings.

The Technology Leadership Market in Prague showed how many changes the transformation of the DT infrastructure will bring. But these changes will also bring opportunities for partners and customers. A possible Technology Leadership Market 2015 would show the industry how and if this picture will change.