The "T" brand

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What is it about a brand that on the one hand sets a company and its products apart from the competition while on the other gives customers orientation, instills confidence, and awakens emotions? Is it the name? The slogan? The logo? The color? The jingle?

DT headquarters by night

"Brand Finance Global 500" determines (valuation date: January 1, 2017), that Deutsche Telekom achieves highest brand value in its history and defends the top spot as the most valuable European telecommunications brand.

The essence of the Deutsche Telekom brand, its slogan "Life is for sharing" is in equal measure its brand promise to customers. Based on a simple concept, this promise embodies the corporate vision behind the brand: Life consists of a number of major and minor personal events that people want to share with one another because they make life exciting. And Telekom offers the products and services that can make this happen. Customers should be given easy access to these worlds of experience in every possible way – via the telephone, Internet, Internet TV or cloud services. As a telecommunications provider, it is Telekom's goal to enable this by providing the best possible communications and IT services. Meaning Telekom customers can enjoy the "life is for sharing" experience anytime, any place.

What is behind the brand promise? The brand vision is an expression of Telekom's key priorities, which are innovation, competence and simplicity. Telekom is setting standards with its innovative products and services and driving forward the networking of society as a whole. As a service provider, the company is concentrating on what it does well. And that is networks, services, content management, and its customer relations, all of which are at the center of Telekom's activities. Ultimately, Telekom wants to instill simplicity. A distinct range of products, understandable pricing and a customer-focused service organization are there to make life as simple as possible for customers.

Telekom has one aim. It wants to become the market leader in the area of "connected life and work". The brand promise underlines this intent. "Life is for sharing": Deutsche Telekom aims to make it happen. "It lies at the very heart of what we do, and serves as the guiding light and constant benchmark for the entire company," explains Hans-Christian Schwingen, Head of Brand Strategy and Marketing Communications. So this is an ongoing process, with the "T" as its worldwide emblem, to which all employees in the Group are committed.

Man in an audience is taking a photograph with his smartphone.

What connects us.

Deutsche Telekom's self-concept.