Easy and simple: The pan-european network

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For the customer, a text message is just a text message, irrespective of whether it originates in western or southeastern Europe. A text always has 160 characters. But the network technologies behind text messages differ from Telekom country to Telekom country. Although they won't do so for long.


Network technology, methods of data processing used and sequencing – all these factors have developed differently from country to country. It's all pretty complicated really at a time when there are now worldwide uniform communication products such as WhatsApp about. That's why Deutsche Telekom's future pan-European network is about to replace the platforms on which such services as text messaging run, as used by the Group's 13 national companies. So Pan-Net is not about connections or access technologies.

Infrastructure cloud

The system provides services and data that – independently of any individual platform – are bundled into their own single dedicated cloud all over Europe. This infrastructure cloud will be distributed over just a few data centers around Europe, which makes those centers smarter too. They not only provide a huge quantity of data, but can also produce applications. Take IPTV for example: the data center not only stores what customers have recorded, but also provides them with their own personal user interface.


Modular approach

Deutsche Telekom is set to use Pan-Net to offer new services within a few short days all over Europe. The various Deutsche Telekom national companies can configure their offerings using a modular approach, putting together a portfolio selected with the needs of their own customers in mind from the range of services provided centrally.

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Special Internet of Things

The Internet of things becomes part of our everyday life.