Alexia Sailer

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This is the factory’s future

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Covid-19 has catapulted us into a world of true digital acceleration. And revealed weaknesses in supply and manufacturing chains. T-Systems is now showing what crisis-proof factories could look like in the future: With the "New Factory Campus".

View of the New Factory Campus

The „New Factory Campus“ shows how companies accelerate their businesses and make processes and supply chains simpler and more secure.

In today’s factories, individual areas often are organized like islands: be it engineering, production, logistic, administration, sales or customer service. The disadvantages are obvious: processes don’t run as smoothly as they could. As production moves from one function to another, there is a loss of efficiency and in the worst case errors. Much of the time, the solutions are already available: Most of the individual elements of a factory of the future exist today. It is only important to use the right ones in the right places and to connect them together intelligently. 

At the "New Factory Campus", customers can find out how the portfolio of T-Systems and partners helps them to use digital technologies in a way that accelerates their business and makes processes and supply chains simpler and more secure.

Curious to know what innovative ideas and solutions T-Systems will be presenting in the "New Factory Campus"? Then let's go!


Ideas beget products

In the Telekom Open IoT Lab, researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML) and Telekom IoT experts work meticulously on the digital future.