Tim Höttges given the “Personality of the Year” award

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A premiere: For the first time, the BeyondGenderAgenda has handed out the German Diversity Award. Tim Höttges was given the award in the “Personality of the Year” category. 

Telekom CEO Tim Höttges was given the German Diversity Award.

Telekom CEO Tim Höttges was given the German Diversity Award.

The reasoning behind the jury’s decision: “Tim Höttges personally campaigns for diversity and inclusion. This culture also shapes Deutsche Telekom. 25 years ago, DT was predominantly German and male. Today, 26 percent of managers are women. In 2010, Deutsche Telekom was the first company listed on the German stock exchange to introduce a quota for women. In November 2020, it became the first DAX 30 company to have three women on its intercultural Board of Management.”

Tim Höttges emphasizes how important diversity is in business enterprises. It’s simply right. In society, it is essential that everybody has equal opportunities. Irrespective of gender, skin color, origin, who one happens to love. It’s human rights. Not only that, diversity is an entrepreneurial imperative. Höttges believes that diverse companies are simply more successful. The team at Deutsche Telekom not only has an international character; it also contains three women. 

Höttges summarizes: “As a result, the quality of the discussions has improved significantly with regard to diversity, perspective, and the exchange of information. The German Diversity Award inspires us – and me – to take the next steps on our path towards more diversity and more inclusion with determination. We still have lots to do. I would like to give this award to all Deutsche Telekom employees who stand for diversity and who are diverse themselves. And, with this in mind: Let’s get to it!”

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