Ukraine: Deutsche Telekom connections free of charge

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Telekom Deutschland is switching its private and business customers' calls to and from Ukraine to free of charge.

Update April 30, 2022: This offer has been prolonged until June 30, 2022.


This applies retroactively from February 23, 2022, and initially until the end of April 30, 2022. Specifically, calls and text messages to Ukraine are now free of charge from the fixed network as well as from cell phones. This also applies to customers of the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary Congstar. Invoices for contract customers will be corrected retroactively. Prepaid customers will initially be given credit for their prepaid credit until Deutsche Telekom has technically converted the Ukraine-related connections. Moreover, customers who are in Ukraine will not incur any roaming charges.

Support for Ukraine

Support for Ukraine

Deutsche Telekom is appalled by the Russian incursion into Ukraine. Our solidarity is with the people in Ukraine. This is how we support.