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"Well-Fi." The name brings the word "wellness" to mind. And the connotation is an appropriate one. Well-Fi is a digital "wellness" package that DT has developed in order to offer customers the best-possible Wi-Fi service at all times.


Deutsche Telekom has developed Well-Fi, an especially convenient new type of Internet access system. The system enhances Wi-Fi signal quality.

It works automatically – no lengthy router configuration is required! Smartphones, Smart Home, Smart City – digitization keeps bringing more and more "smarts" into our lives.

Where would our lives be now without the Internet! We all have smartphones with direct Internet access. As long as we have a network signal, the world is open to us – we don't have to fiddle with any settings, keep trying things out or even ask anyone for help. The network is simply there!

A new kind of Internet access

Deutsche Telekom's aim with Well-Fi is to bring that kind of online-access ease to our home Wi-Fi systems. Well-Fi is a new kind of Internet access. The conventional Wi-Fi / router systems we now go online with at home have many limitations. Sometimes they're unable to provide a stable, reliable signal in every room. In some cases, we're unable to download videos, or our connections keep getting dropped.


Always looking for the best signal

Well-Fi answers such irritations with a new approach, one oriented to the structure of mobile networks. With Well-Fi, a home Internet connection isn't tied to the home's router – it automatically reaches for the router with the strongest signal. That router might be located in the stairway, very near the home's own router, or it might be located somewhere else in the neighborhood. The system always looks for the best signal, and – just as with mobile communications – it all takes place in the background, without the user's having to give it a thought.

Secure access

Well-Fi uses a central network management system that transfers signals both reliably and unnoticeably. What's more, Well-Fi network management routes all connections via a protected virtual private network (VPN), meaning that users can securely access their personal home networks from any other Deutsche Telekom access point. In fact, such secure access to one's own home network is possible from any Deutsche Telekom HotSpot or Well-Fi network (such as a friend's network).

New possibilities in connection with moves

Well-Fi home networks are set to become increasingly important. This is because they can provide secure access to all connected devices, including smart home devices – from heating controllers to light controllers – and computer peripherals such as printers or mass storage devices for personal data and photos. And Well-Fi's enhanced security concept makes all the more long-term sense in light of smart home systems' potential vulnerabilities to hackers.

Well-Fi also opens up new possibilities in connection with moves. If one's new residence is equipped with Well-Fi (for example, via a router in the stairway), one can go online right away, even without having installed a router of one's own.

Well-Fi infrastructures can easily be integrated in planning of new structures or extensive structural conversions. Once Well-Fi is in place, residents (whether tenants or building owners) no longer require routers of their own.

Testing Well-Fi in Macedonia

DT has recently begun testing Well-Fi, in several apartment buildings in Macedonia. For the test, routers have been installed in the buildings' hallways, and apartments in the structures have been equipped with additional units. The feedback that participating customers provide will be taken into account in further development of Well-Fi.

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