Rapid progress: World’s first countrywide rollout of innovative NarrowBand IoT technology complete in the Netherlands

Deutsche Telekom Group’s subsidiary T-Mobile Netherlands is the first operator in the world to offer nationwide coverage for the global standardized NarrowBand IoT (NB-IoT) technology. The network will be available across the country from the end of May.

Nationwide NB-IoT Rollout in the Netherlands

Nationwide NB-IoT Rollout in the Netherlands.

The Dutch market leads Deutsche Telekom Group’s ongoing efforts to push the NB-IoT ecosystem across its footprint, with a further seven markets, including Germany, Greece, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia and Croatia also rolling out the technology.

T-Mobile Netherlands will activate the NB-IoT technology throughout the country in the coming weeks. The Group’s Dutch operator has built its network with an eye on the future, making the implementation of new standards for mobile, the Internet of Things and 5G efficient and easy. Its SRAN network enables the addition of new network technologies, including NB-IoT, via simple software updates. Named the best tested network in the Netherlands twice in the last two years by P3, it also offers the highest available mast density. These attributes, combined with the use of T-Mobile's own frequencies means that NB-IoT can quickly be applied anywhere in the Netherlands in a reliable and secure manner, and without outside interference.

NarrowBand IoT easily connects large numbers of devices and sensors to the Internet and is rapidly gaining ground on other network technologies. Furthermore, hardware costs and energy consumption are very low, while indoor coverage is robust and signal strength is up to ten times stronger than that of GSM.

NB-IoT delivers a broad range of possibilities, convincingly addressing current customer demand for innovative Internet of Things solutions, as well as unlocking the door for the next generation of Internet of Things applications on the path to 5G.