Artificial Intelligence – the path to digital slavery?

"Are people ready for this? No, we are not, but we need to get ready for the impending challenges as soon as possible."Prof. Dr. Dirk Helbing ETH Zürich and TU Delft

Professor Dirk Helbing, ETH Zürich and TU Delft

Professor Dirk Helbing

Professor Dirk Helbing: "The self-determination of people is currently at stake… big nudging, citizen scores, and implants could lead to digitally enabled slavery."


Digital 24/7

Digital products are our constant companions. We are often no longer even aware to what extent they shape our day-to-day life. The alarm app, WhatsApp and Tolino have become natural parts of our lives. Do you recognize yourself in our infografic?

Scene from film "Sight"

Sight film

What if people let themselves be manipulated by digital aids? The impressive short film "Sight" shows us how this might look in reality

Robot in a DT shirt

Stumbling into the digital future? Raging into it?

No – moving forward responsibly – with digital responsibility!