What if people let themselves be manipulated by digital aids? The impressive short Sci-Fi film "Sight" gives an idea of what this sort of manipulated life might look like.

Who hasn't wished for an app that helps us find the right words in difficult situations? A kind of digital prompter. During an important meeting or negotiations with a business partner, for example, we often find ourselves looking for the right thing to say, but just can't think of it. But if this digital prompter really did exist, how authentic would we be then if a computer took over the conversation? And would it be fair to manipulate our business partner using digital aids?

Eran May-Raz and Daniel Lazo, two students from Jerusalem, asked themselves the same questions. Their futuristic short film "Sight" shows us a vision of a future in which algorithms shape our reality, gamification is part of everyday life and human interaction is controlled by apps.

You can find a link to this excellent short film here. Note: The film is in English.

Summary of the film

The main character Patrick has loaded a dating app onto his sight system for a date. "Sight" is a contact lens integrated in the human body that shows information directly on the retina. Patrick's dating app scans all of his date Daphne's online profiles and tells him what to say to her. He is successful to begin with - until Daphne realizes that Patrick's charming manner is not spontaneous, but is supported by a dating app.

Young woman meets Robot

Digital responsibility

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